Flicker: Goofing around becomes a game.

What can I say, sometimes a proof of concept becomes a game. I recently purchased Ragespline for Unity3D and was playing around with grabbing individual points on the spline to move them around and spawn objects.

This lead to a simple game where the player moves around the screen collecting spheres that appear at the tips of grassy reeds.

Next I wanted to see how well Unity allowed me to process audio and the answer is… very well! I was easily able to process the playing music to find heavy beats and make the game sprites pulse to the music.

What I was left with was the core of a game, and that game is Flicker and the Quest for Dews!

Currently in review on the App Store, see the page linked above for full details.

Where does this leave Guinea Ninja? Mind your own business! That’s where!

Joking aside Guinea Ninja is asset heavy and as I’m doing all the art myself it is very time consuming. As Guinea Ninja is a personal project it has been pushed aside for a project that I’m being contracted to do. I’ll release details on the contracted project as permitted.

Guinea Ninja will see the light of day so help me Zeus!