What baby wants, baby gets!

The wife had a group project for her biochemistry class that forced them to look outside the box with respect to conventional means of information conveyance.

So I was volunteered to write a videogame about the chemical processes behind bioluminescence. Her team would compile the information and design the game. My responsibility was to take their design and make it tangible.

So for several weeks I’ve been working on Biolume, a lesson is bioluminescence.

I’ve gotten a few very good things out of this project. I’ve gotten much better at pumping out usable art assets on my own and in a timely manner. Granted they aren’t AAA BUT they get the job done and look better than stick men. The second was that I took some time to read up on screenshots and how they sell your app.

Below we see a screenshot of Flicker, next to a screenshot for Biolume. Big difference eh?

More details and/or support for Biolume are available at its dedicated page here.