Well I’m going through some major life changes. No, I’m not having a sex change. I’m moving out of the country! This has been in the works for several months and as such I’ve had to switch gears from using my spare time for app development and maintenance to getting myself ready for the move.

Since I’ve been away from app development for a stretch I came to realize something… I’m not going to pay off my house with this hobby. I will always end up sinking more into my hobby game dev than I will get back from it. That is just the fact of the matter and the state of the current market. I’m not discouraged and I won’t stop making games, but the stress of trying to make a career out of it has been lifted from my shoulders. With this realization come some sad news, maintenance and upgrades and fallen right next to cleaning behind the bookshelf on my priority list. Some poor soul already felt this when they left a support comment 3 months ago and I only just now found it amongst all the spam.

So to celebrate my epiphany, upcoming adventures in Japan, and the holiday season all my games are FREE. Yup, all of them… cept uPArt, cause that isn’t a game 😛