Tall Drink of Water

Long time coming but I’ve finally got updated versions of Invader Swarm: Last Stand and Add-Iction awaiting review. Nothing big, just support for the iPhone 5 aspect ratio.

Android License!

Since I now have access to Unity’s Android development license I am able to push games out to the Android Market! I’ve got all my accounts in order so Invader Swarm is on the Android Market and soon I’ll make it available on the Nook Color as well.

Invader Swarm: Last Stand

Invader Swarm: Last Stand is up on the app store.

This was a side project that ended up becoming a full blown game. I was dabbling in procedural content generation and top down “Shoot’em Up” script logic. One day I realized that I had enough core content to build a solid game out of.

The nice thing about the core logic is that Invader Swarm is a flagship so to speak. Last Stand is just the first of possibly many “Episodes” that can share the same core look and feel with different gameplay. My wife already has an idea for “Invader Swarm: Onslaught” which would be a game built around the idea of a prequel to Last Stand. The idea of a tower defense game where you are trying to fight off the hoards of enemies using your armada… the same aramada that is said to be destroyed in the story of Last Stand.

Last Stand is a simple time killer, but from what I have been told by the people that have bought it so far an addictive time killer.

Visit the dedicated page here.