MemSpark Fixed… I guess

So the program itself wasn’t broken. I must have changed something in the build settings that messed it up because today I sat back down and hit “Run” to be rewarded with a crash, exactly as the Review guys experienced. I reverted my build settings back to a default state and changed the few that I knew needed changed. It ran. To be extra sure that everything was working I exported the archive and installed it Ad Hoc on my iPad, taking XCode out of the picture entirely. It ran just fine. Hopefully it get approved this time.

Broken Heart

Well my app was rejected. With just cause of course. Apparently it crashes on load for them.

The error logs they sent me shows that they were testing on a device identical to my iPad that I’m using for testing. This means that XCode Run vs XCode Archive must be creating different binaries or something.

Well hopefully I can recreate the issue by trying to install the archive through iTunes. What doesn’t sit well in my stomach is that I’ve got the app on my iPad right now. It was installed by the “Run” command in XCode. It works perfectly. I don’t like feeling like I can’t trust XCode. I would expect the binary created by Run to be the same as Archive, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Licenses! Invoices! Receipts! OH MY!

So close. I’ve got all the licenses taken care of. Now I’m just getting everything together that Apple needs/wants before I submit my app for review.

Bang Bang is ready from a programming/gameplay standpoint and will be released under the name Mem Spark. The app’s dedicated page will be up in the next few days.