Contract Complete!

Finally my contract project is done!

Path of Destruction is a side scrolling tank game where you attempt to destroy obstacles and enemies before your tank is destroyed by enemy bullets or crashing into obstacles. You upgrade weapons and armor in an attempt to get greater and greater distances and higher and higher scores.

This is the first game I’ve written that has been linked to GameCenter so you can compare your progress to your friends on a weekly basis. Milestone flags are rendered in the game to let you know when you’ve surpassed a friend’s weekly distance.

This was a wonderful learning experience and I’ve definitley got a great number of scripts that I’ll be using for games in the future. I also learned a great deal about UI design and physics logic. Guinea Ninja will benefit greatly from this new knowledge.

On that note here is a link to the game’s site Path of Destruction.

So my ToDo list now consists of…

  1. Add GameCenter to all existing games.
  2. Update Flicker based on user feedback.
  3. Update Flicker with 2 additional BGM tracks.