Flicker and the Quest for Dews

Invader Swarm: Last Stand - CrappyGraphiX Software

Tested Devices: iPhone 4S, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy S

Support: post a comment on this page OR emailĀ apps.crappygraphix@gmail.com


You are a Flicker.
Dodge your way through waves of enemies on a quest to collect Golden Dew.


Collect Golden Dew as an onslaught of Enemy Flickers attack you.

4 Gameplay Speeds

  1. Mellow: Everything moves slow and steady.
  2. Awake: The default game speed. You and the enemies move faster than Mellow.
  3. Wired: Everything is faster!
  4. Ramp: Game begins Mellow but ramps up to Wired the longer you survive!

4 Input Modes: The power is yours! Pick the one that works best for you!

  1. Virtual Thumbstick
  2. Tap Clone
  3. Follow Tap
  4. Tilt

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