Invader Swarm: Last Stand

Invader Swarm: Last Stand - CrappyGraphiX Software 

Tested Devices: iPhone 3G, 4S, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy S

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Your armada has been decimated. Your fellow warriors annihilated. You face an enemy with limitless resources, so limitless that rather than use ammunition they simply fly their ships into their targets. There is no hope of rescue, you know you’re not getting out of this alive.

But you’re not going down without a fight!


Enemy ships will spiral towards you. Shoot them down before they hit you.

Be careful not to shoot too fast or your gun will overheat.

When an enemy dies it will explode. If another enemy of the same color is nearby the explosion then it will explode too. Chain explosions together to get bonus points and a greater chance at a pickup dropping.

When a pickup appears it will automatically move toward you and you will pick it up when it hits you.

As time goes on the enemies will move faster and faster, also more enemy colors will emerge.

If you notice the score indicator turning green then it means that you’ve broken the high score.

Randomized textures means a different look for you and your enemies every time you play.

Pickup Types

Instant Cooldown Pickup: This will instantly cool your gun off, if you see one coming toward you shoot like crazy cause no matter how hot your gun is it will instantly cool down when you pick this up. The top bar indicates your gun’s heat.

Spray Cannon Ammo Pickup: This will give you 1 burst’s worth of spray ammo rounds. Each burst fires 5 bullets in a spray pattern. The bottom right bar indicates if you have any spray cannon ammo.

Missile Ammo Pickup: This will give you 1 missile shot. When fired the missile travels very slow, but it kills anything it comes into contact with without being destroyed itself. The bottom left bar indicates if you have any missile ammo left.

New in Version 1.1

Choose Difficulty: 3 difficulty settings. Medium gets harder twice as fast as Normal. Hard starts the game with enemies moving at maximum speed.

Quick Replay: Restart immediately after a game over without having to go to the main screen. Less down time, more practice, higher scores!

Ammo Limit: You are now limited to 5000 bullets. Don’t worry, this will allow for Game Center Achievement fun in future updates!

New in Version 1.2

Now Available on Android!

Graphics Upgrades: New flare effects around the player, enemies, and projectiles.

Graphics Quality Settings: Use can select the level of special effects to improve performance on older devices.

Player Statistics: How many times have you died? How many baddies have you sent to their graves? Now you will know!

General bug fixes and performance enhancements.

New in Version 1.3

Bug Fix: Addressed an input bug that some newer Android ROMs may have been experiencing.


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