A pixel art sketchbook built on Unity3D.

Also available in a FREE Lite version. You can not export your works but all the other tools are there.

uPArt Lite – CrappyGraphiX Software

Link to Online Manual

Just start drawing!

You have a 1024X1024 canvas at your disposal and nearly infinite pages in your sketchbook (limited by hardware memory). Just start drawing anywhere! If you need to adhere to a particular size then activate the guideline system to give you a visual reference. Ever hit the edge of your canvas because you misjudged where to start? Never again with uPArt’s origin system. Set origins for your pages on the fly!

What I need, when I need it!

Workflow was the primary driving force in uPArt’s development. User interface focused on keeping the tools you need right in front of you! Don’t make the user do in 2 clicks what can be done in 1.

Little is BIG!

The scope of uPArt is on the smaller side. I would say that large pixel art is in the 128X128 range. That is just my opinion. Most of my artistic exploits are smaller than 128X128 and this is where uPArt excells. Once you start getting into the 512X512 realm you’ve ventured beyond the scope of the tool I set forth to write. You begin to lose some of the freedom given by the dynamic origin system. Then why is the canvas 1024X1024? I said that you’ve ventured beyond the scope… I didn’t say I wouldn’t let you! I would love to see what people think about using uPArt for larger pieces though I haven’t tried anything that large myself.

2 thoughts on “uPArt

  1. I’m very sorry for the 3 month late reply.

    Currently the only way to get images out of the program is through iTunes file sharing.

    Unfortunately the last few months have been an absolute mess for me as I am relocating outside of the country for work. I won’t have time to update uPArt in the near future with new features.

    I have friends that are using https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pixaki-pixel-art-for-professionals/id689084217 which appears to be much more fully featured than uPArt though unlike uPArt it does require you to choose a canvas size.

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience and have logged that you would like the ability to email the images you’ve exported. When everything settles down and I’m able to put time back into uPArt I’ll be sure to add it.

    Thanks for your interest in my software and again, I’m very sorry for taking 3 months to write back to you.

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